The 2014 Vidya Gaem Awards

Voting is now open! You have 12.0 days left to vote.

How to vote:

Despite the new look, voting is still the same. Vote for as many nominees as you want, and put them in the order you'd like to see them win. Too much effort for you? Vote for one nominee and call it a day.

You can use the award list at the bottom to navigate, or just use the arrows that appear after you click submit.

Stream information:

We plan to stream earlier than previous years (at the end of January).

Don't forget to try and enter the skit contest, winner will get $25. Check out this video for more details.

The Awards

Most Hated Award

for most hated game of the year

Least Worst Award

for least worst game of the year

Press X To Win The Award

for worst gameplay

"Actually Kind of Fun" Award

for best gameplay

"Not Important" Award

for worst character

Silent Protagonist Award

for best character

Deja Vu Award

for milking your cash cow dry

Not Another Rehash Award

for best sequel

Pixels Are Art 2

for most pretentious indie game

New Challenger Award

for best new IP

Citizen Kane of Gaming Award

for worst writing/story

Journal Update Award

for best writing/story

Beta's Alpha Award

for worst early access game

Jet Set Award

for best soundtrack

Plot and Backstory Award

for best representation of women

IP Twist Award

for best new implementation of an old franchise

Seal of Quality Award

for biggest technical blunder

Niche Award

for best game nobody played

Eyesore Award

for worst graphics

Eye Candy Award

for best visual aesthetics

Shareholder's Award

for crimes against gaming

Hyperbole Award

for best trailer

Please Don't Suck Award

for the 2015 game that we hope won't suck

20/20 Hindsight Award

for the worst /v/GA presentation