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"Not Another Rehash", "Niche", "Eyesore" and "Jet Set" by Segab

"Hyperbole" by Cluey3


"TF2 Fedora Skit" – Anonymous
"I love the /v/GAs" – Anonymous
"Dynasty Police Force" – Anonymous
"Drunken Chronicles" – Anonymous
"Serious Sam of Arabia" – Anonymous
"Just Another Vidya Day" – Anonymous
"24: The Phantom Pain" – Jackald
"Nolan North Award" – Segab
"Cat Skit 2" – Klixy
"What if Real Life was like Video Games" – Dysrexia
"Life is Hatred" – PhoneEatingBear
"Five Nights at Sonic's" – PhoneEatingBear
"Binding of Mad Men" – PhoneEatingBear
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